Anasayfaya Dön

Agahiyên Giştî


Making arrangements, studies for the purpose of ensuring the interactive relation between institution-student and institution-environment.


Realizing public relations and introduction activities subject to the mission of our University. (contributing to the development of the dynamic human resource that produces information and can use such information together with technology and can offer solutions to the country problems).


Our University in national and local media as daily,announcement of the news clippings about HEC to rectorate,presentation in files and archiving

To inform the media about all kinds of activities organized by our University,

To update continually the lists of protocol of the University,

To prepare and revise the introductory materials like catalogue,brochure,plaque that are used for the introduction of the University,

To carry out activities for introduction of the University to university candidates,including schools and students,

To publish all activities about the University,taking photos and videos

To convey the requested documents to whom it may concern

Preparation, poster and invitation about the scientific, social and cultural activities, transportation, accommodation, hospitality and the announcement of such activities,

Announcement of the developments related to our university to media via press release, satisfying all kinds of demand from media and following and archiving the publications published in media related to BTÜ,

Preparation of all kinds of materials, such as compact disc, catalogue, brochure used in introduction studies,

Supporting the University Student Clubs during their activities,

Providing information about the university for the student groups who visit BTÜand showing them around,

Directing and greeting the students during the new enrolment period.